Our New Brand

For the last two years, we have been on this journey, creating a new name, brand and identity that reflects our organisation’s focus on not only sport, but active recreation, play and the wider-wellbeing of the communities here in Te Tairāwhiti.

We wanted to ensure that the breadth of what we do as an organisation was better understood. We love sport and it will always be a critical part of what we do. However, it is only one part of what we do.

We also wanted to reflect the significant journey of change we have gone through in recent years.

Our vision as an organisation is
‘ka topa te manu ki te rangi – expanding horizons for an active, healthy, connected Te Tairāwhiti’.

We collaborated with our team, board, whānau and communities, stakeholders, and designers Tai and Rina Kerekere to create a name that resonated with us, our community, and that shows we support the people of Te Tairāwhiti to shine and be at their best.

We came up with Whiti Ora Tairāwhiti – healthy, active, connected.

Whiti is to shine/bring light, and Ora is wellbeing/health. Together, and for us, the new name means to ‘radiate the joy of living’. To extend it even further, it’s to radiate the joy of living through sport, active recreation, health and play.

We are so proud of our vision coming to light.